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Session Topic: Architecture in Agile

Session 1

Host: Shaun Chung

Notetaker: Prakash Jagwani

An AgileOpenFlorida session

Role of Architect – Architecture team → Scrum team

  • Consulting role, advisor/governance, Kanban

Team Structure



  • Level
  • Updates

Kanban for architectural initiatives → roadmap

Champions for specific areas

  • Learn/explore new tech, allows empowerment


Use Wiki for relevant article

Visual Paradigm for UML (long term projects)

  • Publish docs as HTML
  • Team maintenance (check-in/out) as much detail as they want

Solve problems/do R&D @ enterprise level


  • Chef – modify configs
  • Puppet

Session 2

Host: Rashan

Notetaker: Diane W.

New architecture – build for what is needed and then scale

Valpak – think where we may go – Vision Design Framework

Tough in Agile – takes 2 months to make change in architecture – legacy & budget

MVP – Minimal Viable Product – get tech debt down in sprint; hardening

Server upgrade – roll out to many teams

Product owners don’t see value of backend architecture

Architect can be a floater; not on teams

Architect, Valpak – has kanban; sees big picture; attends planning sessions

Communication is mainstream

Emergent design – adjusts to change

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