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Topic: Building Agile Florida

Host: MarkKilby Notetaker: Becky Hartman

An AgileOpenFlorida session

Modified Lean Coffee Format

Used modified “lean coffee” format to organize and brainstorm our discussion.

Kanban columns set up as

  • “To Discuss”
  • “Discussing”
  • “Done Done”
  • “Done → Actions”

Mark set the stage for conversation:

  • What help do you need in your agile journey?
  • What do you need to learn? What help do you see that others need?
  • Do we want to do more open spaces like today?
  • What do we need to “Build Agile Florida”?

Spent a few minutes for everyone to capture topics on sticky notes and then using affinity grouping to decide which to discuss first.

Ideas – Backlog of topics (right to left on Kanban):

Done/Discussed → Action

TOPIC: Mentoring / Training

voted/related topics:

  • Free training
  • Training / Learning (Apprenticeship)
  • Transitiong to Agile advice – Learning from experienced
  • Scaled Agile Training based on Maturity
  • Seminars – Agile 101: Scrum, Kanban, Sprints
  • The Agile Paradigm
  • Best practices / agile sharing forum


  • Agile Orlando (>230 members) – mostly those new to agile; some mid-experience; some senior folks
  • Tampa Bay Agile (>600 members) – no demographics currently
  • South Florida Agile Assoc – more tech than biz demographics
  • What can we do to help folks across FL?
  • o Ask the coach type of things / Agile helpline
  • o Sprint planning workshop
  • o Agile 101
  • o Identify our target audience (who should attend)
  • o Sessions for dev, QA, PM, SM, PO


  • Discuss in Agile FL X-group meeting
  • Apprenticeship – Mark mentioned he is offering this to leaders of AgileOrlando

TOPIC: More AOF sessions (OS = Open Space)


  • Host regional conference, southeast US Feb 2015
  • Organize more events based on OS, Mobility, Responsibility principles
  • More open space agile conferences


  • AOF in Tampa
  • S. Florida – 2 events
    • High Perf teams in Oct 2013 – 80 attending
    • Agile Tools Summit May 2014 – 420 attending
  • Orlando
    • Agile2014 end of July
    • Agile Dev Practices in early November
  • Let’s consider virtual sessions
  • next Open Space in Orlando

Action: Set date/location for next AOF!

TOPIC: Coordinate across FL Groups / Scrum of Scrums (across regions)


  • collaborate collaborate collaborate
  • collaboration sessions


  • Scrum of Scrums – once a month
  • Rock teams (ala’ the book Rockfeller Habits) – 2-3 month charter to do something; if they need something, reach out for resources
  • Jump in and volunteer with your local group
  • to schedule leadership group
  • Alex volunteered a leankit license to each group to post backlog

Action: 1st Thursday of every month, X-FL Scrum of Scrums

Done – Done – it was all a call for action ☺

To Discuss (our backlog)

Coaching (affinity grouped afterwards):

  • Matching coaches to org (speed dating for orgs & coaches)
  • Agile coaching forum
  • Coaching for Coaches (Career coaching)

DB of companies in area (Both SFAA and AO have this. Why?)

Virtual Sessions to increase frequency

Facilitate matching people who live closer together

Share knowledge – develop metrics & intel

Build business models with Open Space

Solve biggest world problems with Open Space

Promote agile as a business need to trigger innovation

Provide executive leadership sessions

Adoption and transformation meetings

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