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Session Topic: Business Analyst in Agile

Host: Kim Duncan

Notetaker: Emily G.

An AgileOpenFlorida session

Continuously defining and refining

Build relationships with product owner and developers

Tools used: Pivotal Tracker, Target Process, @Task

How far in advance to work stories?

  • spend half time on current tasks
  • half time on backlog of things coming ups
  • pre-planning for sprint

spikes important to set time limits. Also called spike0; no software delivered

product manager role vs business analyst / or Program Mgr vs BA - combining both can damage relationships

How much tech knowledge is needed by a BA? Need to be a dev? Not really. Just good logic and business aptitude.

Systems analysts vs Business Analysts - write specs; interpret requirements; tell PO impact of decisions

User story - high level definition of specs explaining what is needed

Written as: As a role I want XYZ so that ABC - stand alone deliverable module

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