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Notes on Distributed Retrospectives

originally captured at Agile2014 Open Jam session hosted by MarkKilby (last update Jan2015) Contributors: George Dinwiddie, AgileBill Krebs, missing anyone?

Types of distributed teams

  • all online
  • some together (in an office) and others remote
  • clusters in offices
  • small (3-4) or large (>10)
  • Mega (>40?)

Tools for distributed retros:


  • using tools
    • you need to learn before you use in a meeting
    • you need to give training time for meeting participants; don’t jump right into tool in beginning of retrospective
  • Lean Coffee – using Google spreadsheet or Google Doc (see templates above)
  • Reviewing past actions from prior retrospectives
    • Can review at start of next retrospective
    • Can send out reminders of actions mid-iteration
  • Helps to have co-host to monitor the tech
  • Buddy system (via chat)
  • Pair design and facilitate

Not discussed, but discovered later

  • Jesse Fewell’s free e-book on distributed teams, “Can You Hear Me Now?”, talks about some of the common reasons, challenges and strategies for working with distributed teams.
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