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Topic: Executable Specification by Example

Host: Leo Barcenas, Pilgrim Software

Note taker: Mari Ellen Cain

An AgileOpenFlorida session

Software developer doing Agile for 7 – 10 years (host background)

Recommends book on subject by Gojko Adzic

Practices TDD & BDD (Dan Worth) and began SBE due to poor requirements

Adapted Gherkin as a way to improve requirements

User Stories: As a _ I want _ So that _.

With Acceptance criteria

Triple AAAs – Arrange, Act, Assert

Create standard language across all teams

Gherkin – Given that I have a car, When I drive, Then… These keywords (given, when, then) make the specification executable using a parser that developer inserts Coded UI/MTM spec flow is .net

User story in description in TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Gherkin goes into acceptance criteria

Generated code by VS

Some people use confluence for documentation (wiki) can tag it, share it, etc

Steps Implementation – very useful for helping developers move to TDD practices

  1. User story with Acceptance Criteria written in Gherkin framework, Given When Then
  2. Gherkin parser/runner Spec Flow Cucumber, Jbehave
  3. Unit test framework – Nunit, MS test Junit
  4. UI test – Selenium, Coded UI, Watir – ruby, Watin - .net

Hurdles – mindset change, start with developers

  1. CI builds (saves 3 to 4 days)
  2. Executable specifications
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