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Topic: Improving Acceptance Criteria

Host: Rashan

Notetaker: Diane W.

An AgileOpenFlorida session

As a customer rep., I want to login to the order entry system so that I can update an order for a customer.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • can
  • look
  • like
  • this

Don’t commit to a user story if not enough info to drive acceptance criteria

Covers “what if” scenarios

The user should be able to login given valid userid/password

Engage the customer to validate the UX acceptance criteria

UX acceptance criteria can be derived by focus group

Use epic & theme to consolidate acceptance criteria

Stay away from the “how”; separate the how on a subtask or another document

Business A/C – the “what”

Functional A/C – the “how”

A/C must be testable - written Given, When, Then

Team audience

PO, BA, SM – pre-planning

A user story should have a few A/C and not too many

Define A/C before sprint planning by PO, BA, QA

Define A/C during grooming

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