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 +====== Lean Coffee ======
 +Lean Coffee has a special place in Agile Orlando as it was used to reboot AO in Oct2012. ​ See http://​​ for the history
 +Lean Coffee is a great place to ask questions and share your stories of using agile and lean software approaches. ​ We discuss any topics on Agile and Lean software development that are of interest to whoever is gathered. You suggest the topics, Then, we prioritize our list of topics democratically. We manage our discussions via a Kanban "​board",​ timeboxes and Roman vote (thumbs up/​down). ​
 +For more info about lean coffee format, ​
 +  * watch this [[http://​​watch?​feature=player_embedded&​v=zhG-A-kRPAU&​buffer_share=3d4bc&​utm_source=buffer|2min video]] describing Lean Coffee format ​
 +  *  read about it on http://​
 +  * See the presentation by MarkKilby on [[http://​​markkilby/​how-to-build-a-learning-community-with-lean-coffee-v2s|how to host Lean Coffee]]
 +Hope to see for a great cup of coffee sweetened with great conversations. ​
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