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Session Topic: Program Management (in Agile)

Host: Tony F.

Notetaker: Donna

An AgileOpenFlorida session

Traditional Program Management:

  • lead/direct strategic initiatives
  • manage multiple threads
  • partnership - business owner/execs
  • program plan ownership
  • manage to success metrics
  • manage program scope, budget, timeline
  • manage program risk
  • proactively work issues
  • manage prioritizations
  • program docs: charter, risk/issues, etc.
  • communication
  • program steering

Does traditional role fit in agile? If not, what does this look like?

What are the duties and agile program manager performs?

Team is responsible for meeting of the traditional PM roles

Help educate the business

what are new roles/responsibilities?

develop internal concensus

Agile Office

Agile Council - helps identify efficiencies

Program managers reside on business side in some companies

Make sure business is ready for change

They meet with scrum masters to align

Work along portfolio teams

Many of the activities of traditional program manager are held by several roles in agile

Depends on the needs of the project/business solution

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