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Topic: Release Management

Host: Cara

Notetaker: Anne J.

An AgileOpenFlorida session


All comes down to communication

  • Planning: What, When, Who, Where, How?
  • Dependencies
  • Approval: PO, Team, CAB
  • Roll-back: Uh-oh
  • Risks: Systems, apps, people, processes
  • Readiness: Teams done, environment frozen, QA ready?

Release management across 11 teams Release is a sprint release mid-sprint release may be a date release Greater release plan in Confluence (wiki) Grid that identifies risks and everything everyone will be doing in release

CAB = Change Advisory Board consists of people like marketing, training that are business owners

moving to have agile project leaders to help with release planning send release plan to stakeholders and ITSS members note to support team

How do you manage releases when not on the same sprint schedule? May be able to use Kanban board for release based on teams

Need same definition of done

Use ticketing system for incident management Send out 1 email at end of sprint with bullet points that lead to system maintenance info and to release notes

Could also meet before sprint or beginning of sprint and have rep from each team say that they’ll be working on to see if any overlap

Frequency of scrum-of-scrums difficult Include Scrum Master in release planning more

Continuous Deployment – example website, everyday can continuously push to production. Would need test automation and other servers for pushing.

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