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Topic: Scaling Agile

Host: StephanieStewart

Notes: Phil Zofrea

An AgileOpenFlorida session

  • Story of Valpak realizing needed to scale
  • october 2011 when valpak decided to full fledge agile
  • 8 scrum teams and a couple of kanban teams
  • kanban teams if couldn't identify PO ­ only have one kanban team now
  • about 6 months in realized teams are going to change (merge, change, diffeent value streams) so how do we scale this thing?
  • looked into Scaled Agile Framework and looked at diagram on website
  • looked at components and how to apply to what we had
  • Valpak has case study on Agile Framework site
  • How they implemented
    • product level already in place (1st layer)
    • release train and plan level put in place ­ used to take 3 hours and now takes 30 minutes to discuss release
  • how to get executives to understand ­ they have portfolio kanban board
    • has cards on there (about 40) that represent epics
    • executives meet 15 minutes every week and move the cards
    • defined epic definition ­ requires more than 3 scrum teams, requires more than 3 sprints, or of great corporate significance
  • use investment themes
    • epics tie to investment themes
  • recent improvements
    • epic cards format ­ value, exec sponsor, planned quarter, color coded per executive no WIP limits on portfolio kanban board
  • portfolio planning
    • only quarterly basis hold meeting and draw next four quarters and they move cards to proper quarter, remove cards and add new cards
    • broken down by portfolio attributes
    • communicate plan to POs and others
  • Dates change all the time (there are absolutes like compliance)
  • Product owners deliver what need to do on their teams to deliver on portfolio epics Do business cases, but not necessarily financial
  • Architecture kanban
    • rows do represent innovation, workflow states, build workflow state (with specific team at this point)
    • influenced and inspired by portfolio kanban
  • Budgeting
    • they know whether they want a team to keep going
    • as long as they know that the team is to continue then those resources are funded separate project budgets is estimated if needed, but haven't needed many
    • Infrastructure picked up kanban in 2013 (development was in 2011)
  • Valpak puts up kanban for a lot of what they do ­ anything outside of scrum teams ­ even in business
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