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Topic: Tools for Scrum

Host: Betty Cortez (Triad Retail Media)

Notetaker: Laura Boodram (Triad Retail Media)

An AgileOpenFlorida session

Example Tools:

  • Jira
  • On-Time Scrum
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS) - synced to project server; new version is cloud based Visual Server online
  • Harvest - time tracker integrates with TFS
  • Target Process

Requirements when selecting a tool:

  • integration capability: time, cost, task management
  • reporting at detail/task level on resource utilization
  • track project + team member velocity; helps with sprint planning
  • collaboration / document sharing

TFS is versitile. Allows different teams to work with different methodologies.

Jira helps teams self-organize

Other products like Target Process helps you scale across teams

Training is important as tools

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