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Topic: Using Agile Techniques, Waste Free, Sustainable Business (Recycling, Purposing)

Host: Dan Feldman Note taker: Kim Duncan

What big ideas can we solve?

Waste free supermarket

How to get rid of waste:

  • Only what is needed
  • Save on input/output
  • Compost
  • Food kitchen
  • Traditional Markets
  • Cycle of Compost Farms

Goals for manufacturing /lifecycle of goods

  • Clothing fibers – from food
  • Ready to wear
  • Homes built with tires
  • Geothermal Energy/Grass on top
  • Adobe Homes/Diet/Minimalist
  • Geothermal water inside earth pipes
  • Hydroponics/Fish

What principles can we come up with to solve these problems?

  • Must honor the cycle
  • Containers home
  • Recycle components for electronics/Shred the phones
  • How to promote green thinking
  • Educate
  • Beyond Meat – veg meats
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