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Topic: Kanban – What is it, When to use it

Host: Sandi Keller ( Note taker: Debi Steigerwald

An AgileOpenFlorida session

What is it: limit work in process in order to improve flow

Scrum & Kanban: hybrid (Scrumban)

Dev Team can Dev, QA

Cycle times ⇒ “date in progress start” date in “QA” start

Kanban stories usually very small (2pts)

In Progress & QA bi-directional =

Track wait times for bottleneck metrics ⇒ include in retrospective

Throughput improves when sharing time, flow metrics

“Tower of Knowledge” = team members have to share knowledge

Part of 360 degree - train other team members, pair programming

When to use Kanban:

  • Bigger Project
  • Support
  • Transitioning project
  • Inherited work/projects
  • Product backlog refinement
  • Strategy/Portfolio management
  • Business priorities change often


Hours of work – 30 – 35

Sustainable pace – agile

Changes perception of IT, puts ownership of time of delivery on PO or Executive Sponsor

Show stories blocked and by whom (on board or in tool i.e. Jira)

More on Kanban

Can be found at our Kanban page

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